January 2018

Moore Movie – click the link to see her reaction!

Meet Mr and Mrs Moore!

1W.I.S.H. was able to grant Shannon Moore her final wish to travel to Hawaii and see her son who is stationed there in the military.

September 2017

The Hollaway family. 

1W.I.S.H. was able to grant Mr. William (Bill) Hollaway his wish. With the help of the family, friends, Mary Beth from Heartland Hospice, the Lenher family, and 1st Advanced ambulance service. We were able to make Bills wish come true. With his lovey wife by his side and their children. Today Bill caught 20 fish. With a big smile on his face and joy in his eyes.


August 2017


Heartland Hospice informed 1W.I.S.H. they had a patient that would love to go fishing as his last wish. We worked together to make his dream come true. We were able to take James fishing. James loves the outdoors, hunting and most of all fishing. His heart is so big and he is full of laughter and love. And the smile on his face is PRICELESS!!
Thank you Heartland Hospice for the opportunity. The best gift of all is giving back and seeing James receive his wish!


December 2016

A decorated veteran of World War II, in a long term care facility with dementia, loved to talk about past stories of the war.  He was a cook on three different submarines in the Navy during the war.  1 W.I.S.H surprised him with posters of the WWII submarines and ships. The man instantly started crying. When asked what was wrong, he replied, “so many great memories.”  His daughters were so blessed that their father was now able to relive parts of his past, and have moments of him talking like he used to when he was home. We at 1 W.I.S.H salute you, sir, for serving our country!!


October 2016

A few months ago 1 W.I.S.H. was introduced to a elderly man, who was very sick on hospice. We found out quickly through talking with him that he has never given up, and has a fight that is stronger than most, smiling through some of the worst days.  While talking with this man, we asked, “if there was something he could do one last time what would it be?” His replied, “go to an amusement park!”

That following weekend, the creator of 1 W.I.S.H was going to Cedar Pointe, an amusement park in her home state of Ohio, with her family. She decided to take pictures of all the rides she rode, and purchased him a historic key chain from the souvenir shop at the park.

His wish was fulfilled. This man knew, due to his health, he couldn’t go to the park personally, or ride the rides. When the creator returned, she hand delivered the pictures and key chain to the man, and his smile said it all.